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Felony Defense Attorney in Savannah, Georgia

Have you or a family member been charged with a felony? 

If so it is imperative that you act fast to retain an attorney with the knowledge, skill, and experience to help you protect your rights and reach the best result possible on your unique case.  

Generally, a felony is a charge that can be punished by 1 year or greater of prison time; however, felony punishments range from 1 year on a probated or suspended sentence all the way to life in prison or death, and can include fines in amounts upwards of $250,000. 

Some Felony Charges Our Firm Handles include:  

  • Aggravated Assault 

  • Aggravated Battery 

  • Criminal Damage to Property 

  • Domestic Violence 

  • Drug Crimes 

  • Firearms Charges 

  • Shoplifting 

  • Theft Charges 

  • Felony Traffic Charges

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One of your first considerations when charged with a felony is getting a bond. When charged with a felony the accused is not entitled to a bond, rather they have to move the court to be heard for a bond. Having an attorney will significantly improve the chance that you or your loved one gets a bond, rather than sitting in jail for months while they await a resolution to their case.  

Felony charges often implicate many complex legal issues, that require a skilled attorney to ensure your rights are protected, and that you received the best possible result. The Law Office of Kurtis Bronston, LLC is here to help you through the difficultly of navigating the criminal justice process and helping you get back to your life.  

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