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Criminal Defense Attorney in Savannah, Georgia

Defending Clients in Savannah

Georgia Attorney Fighting to Protect the Rights of The Accused 

Have you been charged with a crime? Whether there is a strong case against you or not, you need and deserve capable representation. At The Law Office of Kurtis C. Bronston, LLC, we represent clients facing certain criminal prosecutions in Savannah and the surrounding areas. 

Our Savannah criminal defense law firm is respected by clients, judges, juries, and even prosecutors. We work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for each case—from lower penalties to dismissed charges and more.

What Do Defense Lawyers Do?

Defense lawyers are legal professionals who represent individuals or organizations that have been accused of committing a crime. Their role is to provide legal representation to their clients, protect their rights and interests, and ensure they receive a fair trial.

Here are some of the key responsibilities of defense lawyers:

  • Legal advice: Defense lawyers provide legal advice to their clients and help them understand their legal rights, the charges they face, and the potential consequences of a conviction.

  • Investigation: Defense lawyers investigate the case thoroughly by examining evidence, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing police reports to build a strong defense.

  • Negotiation: Defense lawyers negotiate with prosecutors to try to reach a plea bargain or a reduced sentence for their clients.

  • Court representation: Defense lawyers represent their clients in court, making arguments and presenting evidence to try to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

  • Appeals: If their client is found guilty, defense lawyers may file an appeal to challenge the verdict or seek a new trial.

Our Savannah criminal defense lawyer aims to ensure that clients receive a fair trial and that their legal rights are protected throughout the process.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

Based on Kurtis’ success and expertise as a prosecutor and investigator in the areas of DUI, drug enforcement, Fourth Amendment law, and domestic violence, he was asked to teach and provide training to both law enforcement agencies and prosecutors on multiple occasions. 

Our savannah firm handles the following case types:

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What Is Criminal Defense Law?

Criminal defense law concerns itself with protecting the rights of those charged with crimes, or defendants. This area of the law applies regardless of whether the defendant is innocent or guilty. 

In the United States, people are innocent until proven guilty—but too-harsh penalties and wrongful convictions are not unheard of. It is even common for a prosecutor to make an example out of a defendant. That’s why it is so important to have a Savannah lawyer on your side if you’ve been accused of a crime. An attorney can help you work through your options to protect your rights—and your future.

Dismissed and Dropped Charges

It may be possible to get your charges dropped or dismissed if the prosecution lacks valid evidence, or if your constitutional rights were violated. The latter is more common than many people think. Simply not reading your Miranda Rights upon arrest would be a violation of your rights.

Other constitutional rights that are often violated by law enforcement include:

  • Right to leave — If you are stopped by police for questioning, you have a right to leave if you are not under arrest. If a police officer denies your request to leave, despite not being under arrest, this right has been violated.

  • Right to due process — Under the Constitution, you have the right to be treated fairly even when you are suspected, charged, or convicted of a crime. That means your case must be handled by the books, according to established rules. The right to due process is often violated, and such violations are easily overlooked by the untrained eye.

  • Right to remain silent — This is one of the most well-known Miranda Rights, and it may be violated in many ways. A common example is when police deny you access to an attorney while under interrogation.

  • Right to privacy — Guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment, law enforcement may violate this right by entering and searching your home against your will or without a warrant. 

Remember, under the exclusionary rule, any evidence obtained illegally cannot be used in court. If the evidence against you was obtained in violation of your rights (such as through an illegal house search), that evidence cannot be used against you.

Illuminating the Truth

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Reduced Penalties

There Are Cases in Which a Charge Cannot Be Dismissed or Dropped Because There Is a Strong, Valid Case Against You that Proves Some Level of Guilt. that Doesn’t Mean Your Case Is a Lost Cause, However. a Savannah Criminal Defense Attorney May Still Be Able to Get Your Penalty Lowered, Such as By Making Sure that All the Evidence Used in Court Was Legally Obtained. Another common way to lower your penalty is through a plea bargain.

What Is a Plea Bargin?

A plea bargain, or “plea deal,” is a mutually beneficial compromise between the defense and the prosecution. The defendant will agree to plea guilty to certain charges in exchange for a reduced sentence or lower penalty. It is also possible to get charges dropped through a plea bargain. The prosecution may agree to drop one charge if you agree to plead guilty to another, or reduce a charge against you if you agree to plead guilty to that lesser charge.

Prosecutors will not agree to a plea bargain if they believe that their case against the defendant is bulletproof. It is best to work with a criminal attorney who can analyze your case and poke holes in the prosecution’s argument. An attorney in Savannah will also negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf to strike up a fair plea deal.

What Do Criminal Lawyers Do?

Criminal lawyers protect the rights of those hit with criminal charges. 

At the law office of Kurtis C. Bronston, LLC, we do this through:

  • Investigating the prosecutor’s case against our client

  • Looking for any constitutional rights violations

  • Digging into the facts of a case 

  • Questioning witnesses and experts

  • Gathering our own evidence

  • Mounting a strong defense

  • And much more

It is our mission to protect the rights of our clients. We won’t leave your life, your future up to chance. Our criminal defense lawyer in Savannah will actively work to put up a strong defense and highlight the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case.

Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?

You are not required to have an attorney, but you have a right to one. Whether you decide to work with a public defender, hire an acclaimed criminal attorney, or represent yourself is entirely up to you. That said, the smartest decision would be to work with a knowledgeable, proven defense attorney. These are professionals who have made a career out of protecting people in your exact position. 

An attorney will work in your best interest, which is precisely what defendants need when going up against the prosecution. The other side will have their own attorneys fighting tooth and nail against you, most likely to get you the harshest penalty possible. Don’t make the prosecutor’s job easy; work with a criminal defense team you can trust.

Charged with A Crime? Get Your Free Consultation

At The Law Office of Kurtis C. Bronston, LLC, we know that no two criminal cases are alike. That’s why we tailor our defense strategies to every single case we take on. Criminal defense law is about more than reducing or avoiding jail time; it’s about protecting your life as you know it now, as well as your future. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Kurtis C. Bronston brings a wealth of experience to every single case he works on. 

Before turning to criminal defense, he served in three roles on the other side of the court:

  • State Court Prosecutor — Kurtis has prosecuted nearly a thousand DUI cases.

  • Domestic Violence Task Force Prosecutor — Kurtis has handled several hundred domestic violence cases.

  • Special Drug Prosecutor — During his time on the Counter Narcotics Team (CNT), Kurtis investigated and prosecuted hundreds of drug cases, ranging from simple possession cases to complex drug trafficking and distribution organizations, to wiretap cases.

These experiences greatly inform how our team approaches criminal defense cases. We use Kurtis’ insight into how the prosecution operates to our clients’ advantage. When you are facing a serious criminal charge, turn to our criminal defense law firm for help. Based in Savannah, we help clients across Chatham County. We will walk you through the criminal process, taking care to protect your rights along the way. 

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